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Because Family Medicine is the department within Indiana University School of Medicine responsible for ensuring that every medical student learns the important and unique role family physicians play in the healthcare system, the educational programs within the department provide students the opportunity to work side-by-side with practicing physicians in urban cities, small towns and rural areas throughout Indiana. Such experiences enable students to translate the art and science of medicine through care for individuals and families in the context of the communities in which they live.

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ed-res.jpgResident Education

The Department of Family Medicine also provides graduate-level education to a cohort of medical school graduates. The department's three-year Family Medicine Residency training program equips doctors with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enter the community and establish a medical practice. Residency training entails practical experiences in diverse settings such as clinics, hospitals and even in the patient's home. Residents are challenged to identify the preventive needs of their patients, promote healthy lifestyles, provide ongoing routine care, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illness, provide emotional support to their patients, and work with consultants and other specialists to care for unusual and complex medical problems.



The Department of Family Medicine at Indiana University has several opportunities available to continue your education after residency training and across various stages of your career. We are excited about these training options, and encourage you to consider how a fellowship or additional degree program would assist you in meeting your goals and focusing your practice as a family physician on specific clinical, academic, administrative, or scholarly interests.

The Department of Family Medicine at Indiana University is a great place to train. Family physicians, behavioral, and research faculty with a diversity of interests are available to train fellows. The resources of the IUPUI campus, the School of Medicine, and local community agencies and systems are integrated in the education of fellows. Residents in the IU Methodist Family Medicine Residency have the option of beginning additional degrees in Public Health or Health Administration while training.

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